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Monday, September 4, 2017

Dreamer's Prayer

Oh Father of the alien and stranger,
we confess that we often act as insular bunches of home boys,
Fearful and protective of what we pretend is our turf.
Comfort us as we receive and practice the forgiveness of sins,
welcoming the gifts of others
in holy fear for our souls.

Oh Christ, victor over evil in high office,
we confess aged resentments over systems that favor the proud
subsidize evil, and addict those disadvantaged at birth.
Redeem us from Pharaoh’s wisdom
that we may serve in the power of your weakness
With loving patience—full of hope.

Oh Spirit of power, love and self-discipline,
we confess that we are often timid young girls,
fearful of not belonging, vainly trying to prove our worth.
Forgive those with social power over us
that we may be truly free from sin, doing your will

until all knees bow in but one shared home.